Practice Playbook
07:30 min
Content prepared by Shona Kowtecky, BSc, DVM, FFCP (veterinary), Senior Manager, Practice Services at Vet Alliance/Globalvet
Whether you're taking some well-deserved time off (yes, it's possible!), an associate is going on parental leave, or you need additional staffing support during a busy time, it is important to plan and ensure that you integrate your locum as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Practice Playbook expert Dr. Shona Kowtecky from Vet Alliance and locum veterinarian herself, has prepared an easy-to-follow checklist to ensure your locum coverage is a success for your business, team, patients and...
Content prepared by Bill Schoeder, Senior Vice President, InTouch Practice Communications
Whether your goal is to reach more pet owners in your community or enhance your communication with existing clients, it is important to know what digital tools are available and understand how to use them. From analyzing the value of your content to preparing your website for additional traffic, learn more about how to create an organized and optimized digital environment. In this month’s Practice Playbook, our expert Bill Schroeder, Senior Vice President at InTouch Practice Communications,...
Content prepared by Saye Clement, DVM, Director of Learning at Vet Alliance/Globalvet | Senani Ratnayake, BSc, RVT, Director of Learning and Engagement at Vet Alliance/Globalvet
TURN YOUR ACTION PLANS INTO POWER PLAYS! Do meetings elicit somewhat negative reactions from your team? Fear not! Practice Playbook experts, Senani Ratnayake and Saye Clement from Vet Alliance, have prepared a detailed game plan to conduct more efficient meetings with your team. We are big fans of meetings that produce results. Meetings are necessary for achieving team engagement, creating solutions, ensuring consistency, and implementing plans. Just remember – successful meetings are positive...
Content prepared by Senani Ratnayake, BSc, RVT, Director of Learning and Engagement at Vet Alliance/Globalvet | Aaron Eckler, Hon BSc, MBA, Senior Director, Practice Services at Vet Alliance/Globalvet
STEP UP YOUR GAME AND DEVELOP YOUR PRACTICE MANAGEMENT SKILLS! You are an all-star player when it comes to veterinary medicine, and you wouldn’t treat a patient without a proper diagnosis – right? But what about the business side? Do you feel like you always start with three strikes when trying to solve practice management issues? Perhaps you follow the same game plan, because that's the play you know. Or, maybe you’re hesitating to try something new. We’re kicking off our new Practice...
Content prepared by Senani Ratnayake, BSc, RVT, Director of Learning and Engagement at Vet Alliance/Globalvet
Introducing the Practice Playbook For many veterinary professionals, the financial and management aspects of their practice may seem daunting. We've got you covered! Develop new practice management skills and up your game with our new Practice Playbook, a monthly series that will focus on the tactics and strategies you need to expand your knowledge base and optimize your business. Our expert coaches are in your corner to provide you with cues to tackle parts of your business you might be less...