Tools for clinics

In this section, you’ll find tools to support you in doing what you do best, namely providing your patients with exceptional care and helping your clients keep their pets healthy, happy and part of their lives… for all of their lives.

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Content prepared by Lianna Titcombe, BScH, DVM, CHPV, International Director, CAETA
With the imminent pentobarbital shortage, veterinary teams are seeking alternatives to continue providing humane and pain-free euthanasia in dogs and cats. Dr. Lianna Titcombe has prepared a quick reference guide describing some euthanasia alternatives with details on their composition and in-clinic use to help you navigate the anticipated shortage. Watch our video entitled Navigating the anticipated pentobarbital shortage: alternatives for euthanasia in dogs and cats for Canadian...
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The puppy stage can be challenging for new pet owners. This is why they will need all the guidance they can get to help their puppy grow into a happy and well-behaved family member. We’ve prepared these Puppy socialization tools that you can use on your clinic's website and social media pages to explain to pet owners why, when and where it is important to socialize their puppy. Start sharing puppy socialization tips now! You're just three steps away from helping pet owners properly socialize...
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Content presented by Senani Ratnayake, RVT, Director of Engagement at Vet Alliance
How to prepare you and your team to answer pet owners’ questions regarding vaccination? You’ve started using digital communication tools to educate pet owners and they’re responding? That’s great news! Some are booking appointments, while others are questioning your schedule availability or your messages about prioritizing vaccination? No worries! Here are some tips on how to prepare so you and your team are ready to confidently discuss vaccination with pet owners. Watch now as Senani...
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Content presented by Senani Ratnayake, RVT, Director of Engagement at Vet Alliance
How to spark the conversation with pet owners about vaccination using digital media? With busy schedules, physical distancing, and the time between each visit, veterinary teams are struggling more than ever to build relationships with pet owners. This is why digital communication is so important! With a consistent and efficient communication strategy using digital elements, your clinic has a unique opportunity to engage with clients regularly and position your veterinary team as the experts in...
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Content presented by Senani Ratnayake, RVT, Director of Engagement at Vet Alliance
How can we connect with and educate pet owners using digital media? Strategy is a very important part of your marketing plan. As you take into consideration multiple aspects such as your audience, your timing, your platforms, among other things, you can start by assessing the tools at your disposal and determining how they will work together to get your message across to pet owners. From there, you can establish a strategic multifaceted digital approach to reach and educate clients regarding...
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Content presented by Senani Ratnayake, RVT, Director of Engagement at Vet Alliance
Why should a digital tool kit be part of your communication strategy? The more we can communicate through a variety of channels, i.e. social media, emails, on-hold messaging, etc., the more we can spread the message about how important routine vaccines are for pets. Not only does the content included in a digital tool kit serve to support your communication efforts, but it is also designed to further educate pet owners on vaccination, as well as raise awareness, in hopes of ensuring compliance...
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Content presented by Senani Ratnayake, RVT, Director of Engagement at Vet Alliance
Get some strategic advice on how you can work better, but not necessarily harder, using digital media. During this 5-episode weekly series, veterinary industry consultant and speaker, Senani Ratnayake, BSc, RVT, will discuss ways to optimize the use of your digital communication channels to convey the importance of vaccination to pet owners. In this week’s episode, we’re talking about “The Importance of communication when it comes to vaccines”. Looking for tips on how to include digital media...
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The World Small Animal Veterinary Association’s (WSAVA) Global Nutrition Committee (GNC) has updated its reference tools on ‘Selecting Pet Foods’ and ‘Raw Meat-Based Diets for Pets’, as part of its Global Nutrition Toolkit. These tools were created to help veterinary teams educate clients on how to feed their pets an appropriate and well-formulated diet – from what to look for on packaging labels to the potential risks of raw food diets. Both updates are available for free download from the...
Cat and dog owners need to know how important it is to pet-proof their homes by making sure to securely store any dangerous items or place them out of reach. We have prepared infographic posters highlighting DANGEROUS HOUSEHOLD PRODUCTS FOR CATS and DOGS to encourage pet owners to ask your veterinary team for insight on what items, food, or plants could unintentionally harm their cat or dog, and on how to recognize if their pet has ingested something toxic. These are great tools to share on...