Tools for clinics

In this section, you’ll find tools to support you in doing what you do best, namely providing your patients with exceptional care and helping your clients keep their pets healthy, happy and part of their lives… for all of their lives.

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Content presented by Senani Ratnayake, BSc, RVT, Owner of Motivatum Veterinary Consulting
As RVT Senani Ratnayake explains in her own inimitable way, pet dental health month does not mean that teeth are just important THIS month. Rather, it presents us with an opportunity to raise awareness about a topic that affects virtually every pet… and that can cause significant health problems if unaddressed. Watch this engaging video to find out: What is meant by “collaborative care.”How to get your team on-board and aligned on the benefits of oral care. How to talk to clients about their...
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Not all pets have the same needs. And not all clients have the same opinion or amount of time when it comes to providing at-home dental care to pets. Help get the conversation started with a quick “cheat sheet” containing a list of simple questions you can ask to better understand your clients’ perspective, so you can create at-home pet dental health plans that are realistic for them. Then, continue the conversation by discussing active and passive dental care options, and writing down your...
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Increase your touchpoints with clients and drive home the importance of keeping pets’ teeth and gums healthy by reaching out to pet owners in places where they congregate online. To help you get started, CommuniVET™ has developed a series of ready-to-share Facebook posts that you can also adapt to engage with your followers on other social media platforms. How to post the ready-to-use content on your clinic’s Facebook page Select the image of the post that you want to share. Right-click and...
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As you know, the holidays can be a source of anxiety for pets in many ways. However, your clients may not know how stressful the holidays can be for their pets. They may also not recognize holiday anxiety triggers or know how to manage them. We’ve developed a practical, ready-to-share tool to help educate your clients on common holiday anxiety triggers, and to provide simple tips so they can manage their pet’s anxiety during this time.
Your young clients will be thrilled to colour these festive pages as a gift for their four-legged friend. Simply download and print the prepared content and you're good to go! Use these colouring pages in your clinic to: run a contest or plan a draw; keep kids busy in your waiting room or during consultations; get the conversation going with your clients about potential holiday risks for their animals
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We’ve prepared this practical ready-to-share tool to help spark the conversation with your clients and improve their awareness regarding dog safety during summer months. This tool highlights the types of dogs most vulnerable to heat, signs of overheating and practical tips to help keep dogs cool in the summer. Share this poster on your clinic's website and social media pages to inform pet owners on how to notice and prevent heat stroke in their loyal companion.
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Content prepared by Manon L'Écuyer, DVM, DES, Dipl. ACVIM (SAIM)
A simplified algorithm is presented to confirm the etiology of polyuria and polydipsia (PU/PD) in cats. Differential diagnoses for PU/PD are less common in cats than in dogs. The most common diagnoses are diabetes mellitus, chronic kidney failure, and hyperthyroidism. As such, in the vast majority of cases, a diagnosis can be reached with basic blood work, including a total thyroxine (T4) test and a urine test. The algorithm begins with a medical history, which is a very important step to...
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Content prepared by Manon L'Écuyer, DVM, DES, Dipl. ACVIM (SAIM)
A simplified algorithm is presented to confirm the etiology of polyuria and polydipsia in dogs. It begins with a medical history, which is a very important step to determine if the patient is suffering from polyuria-polydipsia, from another urinary condition, or something else entirely. The medical history also allows us to determine the presence of certain factors that can affect water consumption and urine production, such as medication, supplements, and even diet. As per the algorithm,...
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Content presented by Becky Taylor, RVT, MA
Registered veterinary technologist, Becky Taylor welcomes client Leanne and her overweight cat Lucy to talk about diet and weight loss. During this ‘real-life’ consultation*, Becky shows how she usually approaches a conversation with her clients when addressing this delicate subject. She demonstrates core communication skills while discussing food options, feeding schedules, activity levels, obesity health risks, and much more. Watch the full video for the most impact or if you’re tight on...