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30:00 min
Are you aware of the many advantages of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) for pets and their owners? Learning about mAbs can empower you to discuss the benefits of these tiny heroes in a vial with pet owners. Working as a team with the veterinarian, you can help pets live their best life! This NEW accredited learning module of 0.5 CE credit will help you to learn all about mAbs. Module 1 covers the science behind mAbs, their benefits, and the key role you can play as a tech in discussing mAbs with...
06:43 min
Content presented by Jennie Tait, AHT, RVT, VTS (Dermatology) Charter Member
What questions are you commonly asked by the owners of itchy pets? What are some tips and tools that can help you manage your derm cases? In this video from our series Top tips for RVTs, Jennie Tait, an animal health technician, a registered veterinary technician, and a board-certified veterinary technician specialist in dermatology, shares valuable insights and resources to help encourage pet owners to follow dermatological recommendations. She emphasizes the significance of educating...
3:41 min
Content presented by Robin Saar, RVT, VTS (nutrition)
Weight loss in pets is more than just shedding pounds—it's a journey filled with challenges for both the pet parent and the vet team. As an RVT, you can help support pet parents in this journey by implementing a simple and structured approach and becoming a weight management program ‘Clinic Champion’ within your clinic. In this RVTips video, Robin Saar, RVT, VTS (nutrition), briefly summarizes a handy checklist she created to help you develop and launch a weight management program in your...
5:11 min
Content prepared by Robin Saar, RVT, VTS (nutrition)
How can we formulate effective dietary recommendations to promote the health of our patients? What are the best practices to follow? In this video from our series Top tips for RVTs, Robin Saar, a veterinary technician specializing in nutrition, shares her top tips for making a nutrition recommendation. She explains her approach to gathering relevant and valuable information to help facilitate discussions with pet owners and empower you to present your ideal nutrition recommendation...