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Giardia seems to be everywhere, including Canada — coast-to-coast, from the beach to the prairies, to the backyard sandbox. We now know that in dogs and cats, Giardia is not typically zoonotic; and a recent study showed that less than 4% are in dogs.1-2 KeyScreen® GI Parasite PCR gives you the power to detect and differentiate Giardia strains. This allows you to not only make clinical management decisions for pets, but also assist in pet-owner conversations, and supporting these...
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Jack wasn’t his usual mischievous self, but Galliprant® got him back to doing what he loves. Galliprant® offers advanced oral pain relief for canine OA.1,5,6 The first and only piprant that precisely targets the EP4 receptor, a key mediator of pain and inflammation. 1,5Unique MOA reduces the impact on organ health.2,3,6A treatment choice that suits every dog’s OA journey.3,4 Talk to your Elanco representative to learn more. References :1. Kirkby Shaw K, et al. Vet Med Sci. 2015 Dec...
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Tackle parasites with the right protection Credelio® PLUS is a single once-a-month chew for dogs and puppies that protects against internal AND external parasites. This formula is the first parasiticide to combine the two trusted ingredients, extra-purified* lotilaner and long trusted milbemycin oxime. It also contains 50% more milbemycin oxime than Interceptor Flavor Tabs! Give owners and their canines the confidence to enjoy the outdoors with Credelio® PLUS. Talk to your Elanco...
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The Centre hospitalier universitaire vétérinaire (CHUV) of the Université de Montréal's Faculty of Veterinary Medicine has opened its brand-new Centre of Excellence in Interventional Medicine (CEMI). This innovative center, located within the CHUV's Small Animal Hospital, hosts the very first integrated veterinary interventional medicine suite in Canada; uniting advanced imaging and cutting-edge equipment in a single location. Interventional medicine allows treatment of a wide range of...
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Instantly transform any standard cage into an incubator in minutes with this innovative oxygenation solution. Enhance the well-being of your patients with continuous oxygen delivery directly into the comfort of their cage. This solution is practical for certain clinical cases and for pets that are challenging to handle, resulting in reduced reliance on sedation. Discover the many benefits of the O2 Door to optimize your practice: Increased visibility: Keep an eye on your patients through the...
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Feline diabetes management can be overwhelming for cat owners1: Fear of giving injectionsAnxiety about daily scheduleTime spent on testing and diagnosticsCost sensitivity Cats living with diabetes and their owners deserve better! Boehringer Ingelheim introduces Senvelgo™ (velagliflozin), the first once-daily oral solution for newly diagnosed cats with non-insulin dependent diabetes.2 Glycemic control within 1-2 weeks of starting treatment2Low risk of clinical hypoglycemia2Can be administered...
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The IAAHPC announces their newest certification program: Certified Hospice and Palliative Care Advocate The Certified Hospice and Palliative Care Advocate (CHPA) program is a groundbreaking initiative that addresses a crucial aspect of end-of-life care: support for pet parents during the challenging journey of saying goodbye to their beloved animal companions. This program is the first of its kind globally, seamlessly complementing the existing Certified Hospice and Palliative Care Veterinary®...
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Featuring Lynne O'Sullivan, DVM, DVSc, Dipl. ACVIM (Cardiology)
What inspired Dr. Lynne O’Sullivan to specialize in cardiology and what aspects of her profession does she find most fulfilling? Watch this exclusive video for answers to these questions, and to hear some highlights of Dr. O’Sullivan's career.
An algorithm-based approach to glycemic control in dogs As Diabetes Awareness Month, November is a great time to remind ourselves of the importance of achieving and maintaining glycemic control in diabetic dogs. Although challenging, optimizing glycemic control is possible and the right tools can help reach and stay within glycemic targets. ProZinc® helps reduce hyperglycemia and associated clinical signs and therapeutic guidelines provide an algorithm-based approach to initial ProZinc® dose...