Tools for clinics

In this section, you’ll find tools to support you in doing what you do best, namely providing your patients with exceptional care and helping your clients keep their pets healthy, happy and part of their lives… for all of their lives.

Cat and dog owners need to know how important it is to pet-proof their homes by making sure to securely store any dangerous items or place them out of reach. We have prepared infographic posters highlighting DANGEROUS HOUSEHOLD PRODUCTS FOR CATS and DOGS to encourage pet owners to ask your veterinary team for insight on what items, food, or plants could unintentionally harm their cat or dog, and on how to recognize if their pet has ingested something toxic. These are great tools to share on...
In this video, Dr. Sharon Quinn of Smart.Vet shares her point of view on telehealth consultations for weight management patients. She shares her best practices and explains the advantages of using telemedicine as well as the steps to be taken to start using a telemedicine platform in your clinic. Becky Taylor, RVT, MA, also shares her insight about how to engage with pet owners using telemedicine and to create a connection with them, so weight management can be as effective virtually as it is...
Continued daily dental care at home might seem daunting for some pet parents. In this short video, Becky Findley, RVT, VTS (Dentistry), describes our complete dental toolkit and shares a few hygiene tips to help you motivate owners in adopting a daily dental routine for their pet. Download these tools to support your team in making pet parents aware of how preventative dental hygiene is beneficial to their pet’s overall health. Poster Coupon Raise awareness about daily dental care by...
Though canine atopic dermatitis is not a curable disease, there are ways to help dogs feel more comfortable and even get better. Download this checklist, developed in collaboration with the Canadian Academy of Veterinary Dermatology, which can be used to support your clients as they identify the signs and keep track of recommended treatments. For more information on veterinary dermatology and clients tools, visit the CAVD website today!
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Content prepared by Céline Leheurteux, DVM
Children may rely on their pet as a source of comfort and companionship when they are feeling sick, upset, sad, or lonely. So when it’s time to say goodbye to their beloved pal, it is important to discuss the situation as soon as possible to allow them to prepare as well as give them a chance to grieve. Dr. Céline Leheurteux has put together a printable tool providing tips to help your clients discuss the loss of a pet with their children. It is available for you to download and share with...
A recent Canadian study revealed many dog owners may accidentally overfeed their pets due to inaccuracies that occur using commercial measuring devices. Could your clients be among them? The following guide can be used to discuss your own clients’ feeding habits with them, and includes a table they can use at home to chart for optimal daily measuring and feeding. Want more information on the study? We’ve created an infographic that explains the results in more detail.
Love is in the air! Show young clinic visitors your true colours – and how much you care about their pet – with these ready-to-print Valentine's Day colouring pages. Use these colouring pages in your clinic to: run a contest or plan a draw; keep kids busy in your waiting room or during consultations.
Your young visitors will be thrilled to colour these festive pages or find the 7 differences between two drawings! Simply download and print the prepared content and you're good to go! Use these activity pages in your clinic to: run a contest or plan a draw; keep kids busy in your waiting room or during consultations; get the conversation going with your clients about potential holiday risks for their animals (have you downloaded our ready-to-share Facebook posts on potential holiday risks...
Saying goodbye to their furry pal can be a difficult and emotional experience for all members of the family. We encourage you to use these colouring pages to help your clients… and their children better share their feelings when it’s time to send their beloved cat or dog off to pet heaven. At times, a picture is worth a thousand words, and children should be encouraged to express themselves to be best prepared to say farewell, to pay tribute to their four-legged friend and to make their...