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The Canadian Animal Health Institute wants to change the narrative between veterinary teams and their industry representatives. In this 4-part series, we introduce some of the country’s leading industry representatives to demonstrate how and why they can help you grow and manage your business. Watch our second episode as industry representatives from across Canada explain how they can help clinics adapt to change by offering a broad perspective of best practices and industry trends, as well as...
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In this 4-part series, we introduce some of the country’s leading industry representatives to demonstrate how and why they can help you grow and manage your business. Watch our first episode as industry representatives from across Canada explain what great resources they are for ideas and expertise to support your clinic. This video is brought to you by the Canadian Animal Health Institute
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As is the aging process. Almost 1/3 of cats are more than 7 years old*. With age, we know that cats are more prone to developing a variety of conditions related to mobility, cognitive function, cardiac health, dental health, urinary health and renal health. What if nutrition could be a fountain of youth for your senior patients? Royal Canin offers a complete portfolio of senior formulas for each of your feline patients and their unique needs, helping to keep them healthy and thriving through...
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Reduced volume. Increased comfort. Optimal protection. Introducing Purevax® 0.5 mL feline vaccines: Everything you love about PureVax®… PureVax® 0.5 mL reduced-volume feline vaccines: Contain the same amount and quality of antigens as their PureVax® 1 mL counterparts.Provide the same uncompromising efficacy and safety you’ve come to expect from PureVax®.Are available in a wide range of core and non-core standalone and combination vaccines, to allow for optimal flexibility in designing...
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Canada's premier online "Vet-together"! Last year, we presented our first Canadian Virtual Veterinary Symposium (CVVS) featuring amazing content and speakers. It was a time for veterinary professionals across the country to connect while deepening their knowledge on a variety of animal health topics. It was such a huge success that we decided to make it an annual thing! And this year, for the second edition of this one-of-a-kind online event, we decided to go even BIGGER and bring MORE to...
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Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health Canada Inc. is pleased to announce that NexGard SPECTRA® is now indicated for the treatment of Demodex mites! NexGard SPECTRA® is the first once-monthly soft chew to protect against ticks, fleas, intestinal worms, heartworm, Lyme disease, and now demodicosis. Demodicosis is one of the most frequent skin conditions in dogs. It is a parasitic disease caused by mites of the genus Demodex.1,2 A small number of mites are usually considered as a normal component...
Merck Animal Health is proud to introduce the latest protection against fleas and ticks designed for puppies, BRAVECTO® ONE*! The excitement of adopting a new puppy is undeniable and new pet parents might not always be aware of everything they need to do to protect their little furry friend. That is where you come in! As a veterinary professional, your role is to provide guidance and information to help new pet parents make the best decisions possible when it comes to caring for and...
There is still much to be done to end pet obesity. And to support this mission, Hill’s is proud to introduce the End Pet Obesity campaign. Discover Moto and Poochini’s weight loss journey to help raise awareness about this ongoing issue through tools and talking points for veterinary teams. Some pet parents may not realize that they are overfeeding their pet or that their furry pal is overweight. Though the bond between pet parents and their pet is very strong, it is important to raise...
Watch this short video as Dr. Michelle Evason discusses her new book entitled Tick-borne diseases in dogs: A Canadian perspective, which she wrote to help keep dogs and their owners safe from ticks. During this interview, she talks about what inspired her to write this book, what the content focuses on, and what makes it different from similar publications.