Practice Playbook
11:38 min
Content presented by Lucie Langevin-Neil, RVT, ACC, Strategic Advisor, Practice Services at Vet Alliance/Globalvet
Does your clinic have a policy manual? If so, is it up-to-date? Do you view policy-making as a dreadful necessity or as a helpful guide for your employees, one that reflects the values of your practice and your team? Our Practice Playbook expert, Lucie Langevin-Neil shares best practices and five key principles for integration of effective policy-making into your practice. These insights will allow you to develop policies that reflect who you are and will help foster trust, collaboration and...
11:15 min
Content presented by Shona Kowtecky, BSc, DVM, FFCP (Veterinary), Senior Manager, Practice Services at Vet Alliance/Globalvet
How do you handle tough cases and difficult situations in your clinic? Does everyone just vent to their colleagues when they need to or is there a safe space where team members can share their frustrations and traumatic experiences? Our Practice Playbook expert, Dr. Shona Kowtecky explains how to implement low-impact debriefing in your practice, so team members can learn how to properly share their stories with the right person, at the right time, and in the right way.
08:53 min
Content presented by Cyndie Courtney, DVM
How is conflict handled or perceived in your clinic? Are there any subtle signs you are missing that could help you prevent or manage conflict within your team? Our Practice Playbook expert, Dr. Cyndie Courtney explains how to effectively address interpersonal conflict and what you can do to help avoid conflict in the first place, including policies you can implement to support your team's well-being and ensure optimal patient care.
15:35 min
Content presented by Senani Ratnayake, BSc, RVT, Director of Learning and Engagement at Vet Alliance/Globalvet
Are you a leader? Do you have the power to lead? If not, do you know where it comes from and how to get it? The answer may surprise you! Our Practice Playbook expert, Senani Ratnayake from Vet Alliance/Globalvet shares her advice and key tips to help you better understand leadership mindset and what being a good leader is really about. This session isn't just for owners and managers. To truly inspire, you need to understand the behaviours and attitudes that will ultimately lead to success with...
13:34 min
Content presented by Cheyanne Flerx, Founder & CEO of Hey Cheyanne
Do you feel like you’re striking out with your existing or potential clients when it comes to marketing your clinic on social media? Do you feel like you’re in left field when you try to build your strategy plan? Our Practice Playbook expert, Cheyanne Flerx shares her advice to help you better understand social media and use it effectively to capture new clients, or even add new players to your team, by building up your practice through these communication tools. Time to hit the ball out of...
19:25 min
Content presented by Philip Richmond, DVM, CAPP, CPPC, CRT, CCFP, Founder and CEO of Flourishing Phoenix: Veterinary Wellbeing & Engagement Consultants
Do you tend to spiral into pessimistic thoughts regarding certain situations or people? Do you feel your concentration and focus are affected by your negative emotions? Is it difficult for you to cheer yourself on when faced with various challenges or even celebrate your wins? Our Practice Playbook expert, Dr. Philip Richmond, shares valuable tips on how to perceive events in a more positive light. He also explains ways to take action to change your train of thought and maintain a more...
16:56 min
Content presented by Dave Nicol, BVMS, Cert. Mgmt, MRCVS
Do you ever feel like you are constantly running around like a headless quarterback? Do you sometimes find yourself on a treadmill that isn't getting you anywhere? Do you often feel like you are dropping the ball on opportunities because you are spending your time putting out fires? Remember, time is money, and that is true in any business! Our Practice Playbook expert, Dr. Dave Nicol looks into the value of each task performed in clinics, so you can strategically learn how to better spend...
19:28 min
Content presented by Senani Ratnayake, BSc, RVT, Director of Learning and Engagement at Vet Alliance/Globalvet | Aaron Eckler, Hon BSc, MBA, Senior Director, Practice Services at Vet Alliance/Globalvet | Saye Clement, DVM, Director of Learning at Vet Alliance/Globalvet
Once you reach the major leagues, your practice might experience a common and constant challenge: seasonality. Are your busier months putting massive demands on your team and operations, while slower months are having you wrestle with your cash flow? So, how can you downplay the peaks and troughs of seasonal business at your clinic? Our Practice Playbook experts, Senani Ratnayake, Aaron Eckler, and Dr. Saye Clement from Vet Alliance, share great advice and tactics to help reduce the demands on...
Content prepared by Bill Schoeder, Senior Vice President, InTouch Practice Communications
Whether your goal is to reach more pet owners in your community or enhance your communication with existing clients, it is important to know what digital tools are available and understand how to use them. From analyzing the value of your content to preparing your website for additional traffic, learn more about how to create an organized and optimized digital environment. In this month’s Practice Playbook, our expert Bill Schroeder, Senior Vice President at InTouch Practice Communications,...