All CommuniVET™ learning activities identified with this stamp are submitted for accreditation (CE credits) to the provincial bodies governing veterinarians and RVTs/AHTs. CommuniVET will issue certificates of attendance for these activities, which participants may use to claim CE credits from their respective governing body’s continuing education recognition program.

58:41 min
Content presented by Nicole Sheehan, DVM, CVA, CVCH, CVFT, MATP
Elevated liver enzymes can be indicative of hepatic disease, inflammation, or other underlying health issues. However, reaching a definitive diagnosis can be a challenge. There are often specific dosing regimens for liver support supplements to ensure their effectiveness. Supplements that require fasting or fat sources to improve absorption are limiting factors that may reduce compliance. During this webcast, Dr. Nicole Sheehan will simplify the complex organ that is the liver and provide...
1:03:57 min
Content presented by Susan Little, DVM, Dipl. ABVP (feline practice)
Feline leukemia (FeLV) is an important cause of illness and death in cats worldwide. While veterinarians have made much progress in reducing FeLV infections and illness in many parts of Canada, there is still much work to be done. During this webcast, Dr. Susan Little will present up-to-date information on the prevalence and the importance of prevention with vaccination, especially for kittens. She will also share new insight into the behaviour of FeLV infection and how this influences testing.
59:26 min
Content presented by Kinga Gortel, DVM, MS, Dipl. ACVD
Canine pyoderma isn’t like it used to be! Recurrent pyoderma is a top reason for antibiotic prescribing in small animal practice – but it doesn’t have to be. Treating and preventing these very common skin infections provide key opportunities for antimicrobial stewardship. During this webcast, learn from veterinary dermatologist, Dr. Kinga Gortel, as she presents: how to diagnose this condition;how to practise antimicrobial stewardship while treating this dermatosis. This webcast is presented...
1:03:54 min
Content presented by Marie Holowaychuk, DVM, Dipl. ACVECC, CYT
Mistakes are a normal part of veterinary practice and often result in guilt, shame, or blame. These situations frequently lead to negative self-talk or avoidance behaviours that cause individuals to withdraw from work or exit the profession altogether. During this webcast, veterinary wellness advocate and Thrive! collaborator, Dr. Marie Holowaychuk will cover practical strategies for dealing with mistakes in veterinary practice and demonstrate the benefits of positive self-talk and...
37:29 min
Content presented by Heather Quilty, RVT, B.Ed, CVBL, GDBA
Have you identified, for yourself, where your passions and joys are within your work and explored ways that follow those passions and joys to bring more engagement and job satisfaction? Heather will spend some time talking about how motivation and engagement are linked to career longevity as well as the resources available for obtaining certifications and micro-credentials in interest areas. This presentation was part of the 2nd edition of the RVT PWR event originally held on October 21, 2023....
39:35 min
Content presented by Mara Anderson, RVT, VTS (anesthesia/analgesia) | Natasha Ford, RVT | Shannon Thompson, RVT
Curious about the day in the life of a VTS and what is involved in the VTS process? Join us as we chat with a VTS (anesthesia/analgesia) and an aspiring VTS anesthesia/analgesia to learn some tips and tricks. This panel discussion was part of the 2nd edition of the RVT PWR event originally held on October 21, 2023. Watch and win thanks to VetStrategy
46:13 min
Content presented by Senani Ratnayake, BSc, RVT, Owner of Motivatum Veterinary Consulting
In a two-part virtual workshop, Senani will share best practices to support how you are going to become what you aspire to be, by being strategic and purposeful. By understanding professional persona, and embracing leadership traits (regardless of your experience, seniority, status or title), she will help you explore how to take control of how you are perceived and treated, so that you can own your narrative, and direct your career trajectory. Part 2 This presentation was part of the 2nd...
1:00:15 min
Content presented by Anne-Marie Germain, BSc, DVM
The holiday season can be stressful for cats, pet owners, and the entire veterinary team. Last-minute “urgent” requests from anxious pet owners for medication, food, or in need of an appointment for their sick cats, vomiting, urinating outside the litter box, or even worse, with a possible urinary obstruction. Sounds familiar? During this webcast, Dr. Anne-Marie Germain will share some helpful ideas, practical clinic tools, and sound bites designed to help cat owners better understand cats,...
01:27 min
Content presented by Jason Stull, VMD, MPVM, PhD, Dipl. ACVPM | Michelle Evason, BSc, DVM, Dipl. ACVIM (SAIM) | Marianne Pashley, DVM
Parainfluenza. Dog flu. Bordetella. Mycoplasma. Over recent years, these canine infectious respiratory disease complex (CIRDC) pathogens have caused prominent illness in Canadian dogs, as well as created great challenges for veterinary practices, dog boarding, and daycare facilities. New respiratory pathogens continue to emerge (pneumovirus) that can impact dog health and push veterinarians to stay current with new diagnostics, therapies, and prevention. During this case-based webcast, Drs....