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University of Calgary scholar and assistant professor, Dr. Holly Sparks has recently been awarded a Canadian Research Chair by the federal government for the research she has been conducting on skin wound and musculoskeletal injury healing in horses. Her findings could also provide solutions for other species. “She is on a mission to not only develop new regenerative therapies but to also improve efficacy and utility of therapies currently available in clinical practice. Her previous...
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Nashville hosted AAEP’s latest conference on December 4–8, and now this event is available to you! Several topics were explored including: Innovative Models of Equine Practice, How to Maximise Use of Ultrasound in the Field, Advances in Donkey and Mule Medicine, Sports Medicine, and Frontiers in Rehabilitation and Respiratory Diseases in Horses. This conference is currently offered on-demand with CE credit through March 2022. Don’t miss out! Image: Dr. Emma Read takes the reins as AAEP’s...
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In this podcast episode Dr. Harry Carslake, senior lecturer in equine medicine at Liverpool University, currently completing his PhD investigating EMS, discusses his article on Equine Metabolic Syndrome and its risk factors. He includes the most important risk factor to watch out for, the different manifestations it can take, how to diagnose, and how to manage the syndrome. Then, Sarah Freeman, professor of veterinary surgery at the University of Nottingham has overseen an evidence review and...
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In this video, Dr. Anna Hammond presents BEVA’s panel findings during their investigation into the evidence behind wound healing management strategies. The panel grouped clinical questions into three main categories: Wound lavage and topical treatments; wound debridement and closure; and therapeutics for wound healing. Dr. Hammond concisely summarizes their findings and presents the best practices in wound healing management so you can incorporate the most effective strategies in your...