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08:53 min
Content presented by Cyndie Courtney, DVM
How is conflict handled or perceived in your clinic? Are there any subtle signs you are missing that could help you prevent or manage conflict within your team? Our Practice Playbook expert, Dr. Cyndie Courtney explains how to effectively address interpersonal conflict and what you can do to help avoid conflict in the first place, including policies you can implement to support your team's well-being and ensure optimal patient care.
5:58 min
How is dermatology different from other specialties? Watch this exclusive video as Dr. Charlie Pye describes her diverse and fulfilling career. She talks about the mentors she had the opportunity to work with over the years and some unusual cases she’s encountered in her practice. Tune in as she talks about what she finds most challenging in her work and how to stay happy as a dermatologist.
01:01:10 min
Content presented by Elizabeth O’Brien, DVM, Dipl. ABVP (feline) | Katie Hoddinott, BSc, DVM, DVSc, Dipl. ACVS-SA | Catherine Ruggiero, MS, DVM, Dipl. ACVIM (nutrition)
When was the last time your client initiated the discussion about their pet’s weight? Although more than 50% of our pets today are considered overweight or obese, very rarely do our patients present for weight-related reasons. When they present for illness, the obesity issue may be just one in a long list of challenges facing the pet and their pet parent. But what if weight loss could play a significant role in managing the presenting complaint? Learn from our panel of experts as we discuss:...
59:09 min
Content presented by Marion Desmarchelier, DVM, IPSAV, DES (zoological medicine), DES (animal behaviour medicine), MSc, Dipl. ACZM, Dipl. ECZM (zoo health management), Dipl. ACVB | Jessica Benoit, RVT, VTS (behaviour), KPA-CTP, CPDT-KA, Elite FFCP | Anne-Marie Germain, DVM
Monday morning starts off great. But then you check your schedule and see your next appointment is marked “very nervous cat” or “can’t get cat out of carrier for exam,” you can’t help but feel stressed as the appointment approaches. With the right tools and strategies, you can offer support to this family, create a more comfortable environment for your patient and reduce your own stress.
50:45 min
Content presented by Tara Evans
Watch this comprehensive tutorial on how to sharpen your veterinary dental tools. In this video, Tara Evans explains why it is so important to keep your instruments sharp. She also provides clear instructions on the appropriate equipment needed to sharpen dental instruments as well as the best techniques and testing methods used to keep them sharp, so you can ensure your wellbeing and that of your patients. Please note that this tutorial is approved by the OAVT, BCVTA, SAVT and ATSAQ for 1 CE...
15:35 min
Content presented by Senani Ratnayake, BSc, RVT, Director of Learning and Engagement at Vet Alliance/Globalvet
Are you a leader? Do you have the power to lead? If not, do you know where it comes from and how to get it? The answer may surprise you! Our Practice Playbook expert, Senani Ratnayake from Vet Alliance/Globalvet shares her advice and key tips to help you better understand leadership mindset and what being a good leader is really about. This session isn't just for owners and managers. To truly inspire, you need to understand the behaviours and attitudes that will ultimately lead to success with...
55:19 min
Content presented by Danny Joffe, DVM, Dipl. ABVP Emeritus (canine/feline), Vice-President of Medical Operations at VCA Canada
Intestinal parasites have been detected by many different test methods over the years. Some outdated tests performed in-house are not nearly as sensitive as newer techniques have been. PCR tests to identify DNA and RNA from parasites is a new modality that not only identifies the exact parasite present more effectively, but also gives the clinician more information about the parasite, allowing for better management of the patient. During this webcast, Dr. Danny Joffe will review a new fecal...
01:00:45 min
Content presented by Susan Kilborn, DVM, DVSc, Dipl. ACVIM | Lisa Carioto, DVM, DVSc, Dipl. ACVIM | Tatjana K. Mirkovic, BSc, DVM, Dipl. ACVIM
Despite there being little or no scientific support for the use of antimicrobials in mild acute GI upset, they continue to be a common therapeutic approach in the management of these cases. Pet parents want the diarrhea to resolve as quickly as possible. The long-held belief that antibiotics accomplish that goal continues to fuel their use. Pet parents come to expect and even demand drugs such as metronidazole or tylosin when they take their pets to see their veterinarian for mild acute GI...
01:47:38 min
Content presented by Shona Kowtecky, BSc, DVM, FFCP (Veterinary), Senior Manager, Practice Services at Vet Alliance/Globalvet
Non-compete? Non-solicit? Total compensation? Benefits? What does it all mean? In this webcast, Dr. Shona Kowtecky will break down all the ins and outs of a contract.