In this section, you’ll find tools to support you in doing what you do best, namely providing your patients with exceptional care and helping your clients keep their pets healthy, happy and part of their lives… for all of their lives.

Raise pet owner awareness about the subtle signs of illness in cats with this video from Cat Healthy's Dr. Liz O'Brien

Because cats are known for being stoic, your clients may be missing subtle signs of pain or illness in their furry felines. Show them this short video that will help them learn what to look for in terms of behavioural changes in their cats so they know when to take them for veterinary care.

Ready-to-use Facebook posts for the Pet First Aid Awareness Month

April is Pet First Aid Awareness Month. Use Facebook to get owners thinking FIRST AID.

Promoting professional dental health checks with cat owners

Wish more of your clients would bring their cats in for regular dental check-ups? Show them this 1-minute video, which quickly and clearly explains: why they probably won’t find dental disease on their own; what happens during a professional dental check; and why regular check-ups are so important.