Specialist spotlight

Leading Canadian specialists share their passion for their area of expertise in brief video interviews. Get to know our talented specialists and what makes them tick.


Meet Dr. Jackie Parr, a board-certified veterinary clinical nutritionist and one of four small animal clinical nutritionists practicing in Canada. She trained for 14 years in order to meet her career goals.

Resources suggested by Dr. Parr:

WSAVA Global Nutrition Toolkit

Pet Nutrition Alliance


Meet Dr. Diaz and learn first-hand how a clinical challenge led to his pursuit of a specialization in neurology.

Veterinary education

Get to know Dr. Freeman as he shares his passion for veterinary education and the career path he followed which brought him to his current position as dean of the Western College of Veterinary Medicine.


Dr. Larson brings a message of hope for pets and humans whose life is threatened by cancer, and explains how she and her team tackle this challenging affection on a daily basis.

Critical Care

Learn what drew Dr. Madden to emergency and critical care practice and how she and her team can help referring practices in the community.


Get to know Dr. de Jaham as she describes her career path, what brought her to specialise in dermatology and her vision of the future of veterinary medicine.

Veterinary communications

Meet Dr. Coe, a well-known specialist in veterinary clinical communication. Get a sneak peak into how communication impacts the well being of patients, clients and those working in the veterinary profession.