Specialist spotlight

Leading Canadian specialists share their passion for their area of expertise in brief video interviews. Get to know our talented specialists and what makes them tick.


Dr. Mathews’s professional journey took a whole new turn when she chose to go back to school to pursue her studies in veterinary medicine. After working in a mixed practice for about a year, she worked on expanding her skills and knowledge, eventually giving her the opportunity to develop the emergency and critical care medicine residency program at the Ontario Veterinary College. In this video, she explains the trajectory that led her to emergency and critical care medicine and how the specialty has evolved over the years. She also discusses what prompted her to write the Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Manual, which is considered a reference in the animal health industry.

Veterinary behaviour specialist

Why did Dr. Wilson want to get involved in behavioural medicine? How does she hope to make a difference in animal treatment and training practices? What is her main goal when she works with owners and their pets? What are her thoughts about the Fear FreeSM initiative? Watch this exclusive video interview for answers to these questions and to find out what books Dr. Wilson recommends in relation to behavioural medicine.

Surgical oncology

At what point did Dr. Liptak realize that he truly wanted to work in cancer care? How did he contribute to the development of the Veterinary Society of Surgical Oncology? Who is his mentor and what does he find most rewarding in his work? What helps to improve an animal’s well-being after getting through surgery and how does computer-aided design help to ensure success? Watch this exclusive video interview for answers to these questions and to find out what surgical cases Dr. Liptak enjoys working on the most!

Internal medicine

Who influenced Dr. Dunn’s career path and which patient actually changed the direction of her career? What are the essential qualities required to perform minimally invasive procedures? What is she trying to teach the next generation of veterinary surgeons? How does she keep her work-life balance? Watch this exclusive video interview for answers to these questions and to find out what Dr. Dunn’s plans are for the future.


What inspired Dr. Steagall to study veterinary medicine? What are some of the most recent breakthroughs in anesthesia and pain management? What are the main concerns he tries to address through his research? What would he like to pass on to future generations of veterinarians? Watch this exclusive video interview for answers to these questions and to find out what an anesthesiologist’s best quality should be!

Dental specialist

What motivated Dr. D'Astous to choose veterinary dentistry as his specialty? What does he find the most rewarding about his work? Of what achievements is he the most proud? What advice would he give new graduates? Watch this exclusive video interview for answers to these questions... and to find out what it's like to perform "supersized" dental procedures on tigers and other zoo animals!


Veterinary anesthesiologist Dr. Craig Mosley has taken a circuitous (and fascinating) route to the career he describes as a perfect fit for him – a specialty that not only combines all the basic sciences, but also allows him to work with many different species... from iguanas to elephants!


Renée-Claire Malenfant, DVM, DACVS-SA
Small animal surgeon
Groupe vétérinaire Daubigny, Quebec, QC

This New-Brunswick native and graduate of the Atlantic Veterinary College in Prince-Edward-Island completed her training in Montreal and in Louisiana, before joining the Groupe vétérinaire Daubigny, in Québec City, where she works as a surgical specialist. Get to know this dedicated professional as she talks about her lifelong passion for veterinary medicine, and shares the story of an unusual case that made a lasting impression on her early on in her career.

Veterinary Business Development

Meet Dr. John Tait, a veterinarian with a keen business acumen.


Get to know Charlotte. Learn what motivated her to pursue a career as a veterinary technician and the reason she chose to specialize in emergency and critical care.