Product Showcase

In this section of the CommuniVET™ website, we pull back the curtain to help you discover the science behind a featured product.

Purina® Pro Plan® LiveClear™

Introducing Purina® Pro Plan® LiveClear™. It’s the first and only cat food shown to reduce the allergens in cat hair and dander by an average of 47% starting in the third week of daily feeding.

NexGard SPECTRA™ by Boehringer Ingelheim

NexGard SPECTRA™ is the only once-monthly soft chew that protects against ticks, fleas, intestinal worms and heartworm.

Liquid nutrition diets by Royal Canin®

No time to waste when care is critical.

Galliprant™ by Elanco

Start seeing canine osteoarthritis from a whole new perspective.


With Semintra, treat CKD ealier to keep mature cats healthier, longer.

Calming Care by Purina® Pro Plan Veterinary Supplements™

Calming Care - A new probiotic supplement to help dogs maintain a calm behaviour and cope with external stressors.

VANGUARD® crLyme from Zoetis

VANGUARD® crLyme: The first and only chimeric recombinant Lyme disease vaccine.