Communication skills to help you get through these crazy times

FEATURING: Becky Taylor, RVT

The need to communicate effectively is greater now than ever.

This webinar will focus on understanding and developing three key skills that can be used in all forms of communication: in person, on the phone, in video and online.

  • Active listening ─ An active process that supports connection and a high level of understanding.
  • Empathy ─ When used effectively, empathy can demonstrate compassion, which leads to connection with others.
  • Self awareness ─ Being aware of your own bias, limitations and worries can help you utilize communication skills to their fullest.

The presentation will include case study examples to demonstrate the use of these skills, and provide an opportunity for you to practice them.

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Both sides of the coin: Part 1 - Echinococcosis (30 min.)

FEATURING: Daniel Joffe, DVM, Dipl. ABVP (Canine/Feline Specialty) and Mark Joffe, MD, FRCP(C)

Veterinary teams are responsible for looking after the health of animals, as well as educating pet parents about zoonotic risk. In this series of four short webcasts, Dr. Daniel Joffe and Dr. Mark Joffe, team up to explore zoonotic diseases from both a veterinary and a public health perspective to help you better understand and address these important issues with pet parents.

This webcast is part of a series of four presentations eligible for continuing education credits. After watching ALL FOUR webcasts (Echinococcosis, Lyme disease, Leptospirosis and capnocytophaga, Toxocariasis), complete the CE questionnaire in order to receive your certificate of completion – which entitles you to 2.5 CE credits.


New Threats, New Protocols: Future-Proofing Your Small Animal Parasite Protocols

FEATURING: Christopher Fernandez-Prada, DVM, MSc, PhD

Many clinicians may be re-thinking their parasite control protocols. With this in mind, parasitologist and Canadian Parasitology Expert Panel (CPEP) board member Dr. Christopher Fernandez-Prada, uses this webinar to examine details of the new CPEP guidelines. Highlighting emerging parasitic threats that have been the focus of many recently published studies, he also discusses the importance of proper diagnosis and current prevention protocols.

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Courageous conversations: respond, don’t react


Open and honest communication in practice is key to having a happy team and maintaining smooth operations – yet many veterinary professionals admit to lacking the tools for handling tough conversations. Watch this webcast to learn how to handle these ‘courageous conversations’ with confidence, as Rebecca highlights various themes including the perils of avoidance and withdrawal, the use of neutral language, active listening and empathy for better engagement, tips for managing team conflict, the framework for creating a calmer conversation, and how to apologize the right way.

This on-demand webinar was originally presented at the Veterinary Education Today Conference & Medical Exposition held in Toronto, Ontario, in October 2019.

Understanding the "feline client"

FEATURING: Elizabeth O’Brien, DVM, Dipl. ABVP (feline practice)

Although Canadian households own as many or more cats compared to dogs, our feline friends are sometimes underserved when it comes to veterinary care. In this webcast, feline specialist and Cat Healthy co-founder, Dr. Liz O’Brien will present information on how veterinary teams need to adapt their approach to enhance cat parents’ experiences at the clinic. She will also provide insight and practical tips on how to make a clinic more cat friendly, how to reduce stress related to a cat examination and what steps the veterinary team needs to take to build trust with this particular customer base.

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Urinary issues in cats

FEATURING: Elizabeth O’Brien, DVM, Dipl. ABVP (feline practice)

Feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD) describes a variety of conditions that affect the bladder and urethra of cats. In this webcast, feline specialist and Cat Healthy co-founder, Dr. Liz O’Brien will review the clinical signs and diagnosis of non-obstructive FLUTD. She will also review the role of stress in feline interstitial cystitis (FIC) and offer treatment recommendations for struvite uroliths and FIC.

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The unique challenge of dental care in small breed dogs

FEATURING: Brook Niemiec, DVM, Dipl. AVDC, Dipl. EVDC, FAVD

Are small and toy breeds more susceptible to periodontal disease and its consequences?

Find out why small and toy breeds often need advanced periodontal therapy (including tooth extraction) much earlier in life than larger dogs do, and get tips on when and how to initiate periodontal care in at-risk patients.

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Cannabis in clinical practice - Harm reduction education & safety of our patients

FEATURING: Casara Andre, DVM, cVMA

With the legalization and growing acceptance of both medical and recreational cannabis, many pet families are exploring the use of cannabis-based therapies for their pets. In this webcast, Casara Andre, DVM and Founder of Veterinary Cannabis, Education & Consulting, discusses the importance for veterinary professionals and their clients to understand the risks associated with the inappropriate use of cannabis products. She also explains how harm reduction education can help clients who choose to use cannabis products for their pets, administer it in the safest and most appropriate manner.

CAVCM website

No detail is too small. Euthanasia: Reducing stress while adding value

FEATURING: Jocelyn Anne Mason, DVM, Euthabag® North America Regional Director

In this webcast, Dr. Mason shares tips to help veterinarians, as well as other members of the in-clinic team, to better assist pet owners in making this most difficult decision. Special attention is given to communication by reconsidering the vocabulary to use and the relevant information to share. She also talks about the logistics related to euthanasia appointments in order to improve the experience for everyone involved, while providing tips on self-care for veterinarians and in-clinic staff.


To claim 1 CE credit, watch this on-demand webcast (39 min.) and the Scientific Snapshot on pre-euthanasia sedation (10 min.) before filling the CE questionnaire.

Cannabis in clinical practice - Legislative and regulatory status of cannabis in Canada


Join Sarah Silcox, DVM and Founding director and President of the Canadian Association of Veterinary Cannabinoid Medicine, as she takes a brief look back at the history of cannabis prohibition and legalization, followed by a more comprehensive look at our current legislation and how it impacts veterinary clients, patients, and veterinary professionals.

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