Leptospirosis: Challenges ahead

FEATURING: Richard Ford, DVM, MSc, Dipl. ACVIM, Dipl. ACVPM (Hons)

This webcast is part of the VaxTalk Thursdays Live Webcast Series

Take advantage of this rare opportunity to “talk vaccination” with this internationally-renowned veterinary specialist, lead editor of the AAHA Canine Vaccine Guidelines and co-author of the AAFP Feline Vaccine Guidelines!

This presentation offers a succinct review of critical factors surrounding diagnosis and prevention of leptospirosis, zoonotic potential of leptospirosis in dogs, and controversial topics surrounding Leptospira vaccination: Core or non-core? Booster intervals? ‘Overdue’ for a booster?

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Vaccine adverse reactions: Science vs. emotion

FEATURING: Richard Ford, DVM, MSc, Dipl. ACVIM, Dipl. ACVPM (Hons)

This webcast is part of the VaxTalk Thursdays Live Webcast Series

Take advantage of this rare opportunity to “talk vaccination” with this internationally-renowned veterinary specialist, lead editor of the AAHA Canine Vaccine Guidelines and co-author of the AAFP Feline Vaccine Guidelines!

This presentation offers a graphic review of the major types of reactions (acute and delayed) currently recognized in veterinary medicine, vaccine response vs. reaction, strategies for minimizing patient risk, and patient management options.

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The dermatology diagnostic dilemma: Is food or environment to blame?

FEATURING: Stephen Waisglass, BSc, DVM, CerSAD, Dipl. ACVD

Oh no! Not another itchy pet!

  • How do dermatologists sort out the different causes of itchiness in dogs and cats?
  • What is the difference between a food allergy and an environmental allergy?
  • What is the best hypoallergenic diet?
  • How might antipruritic treatment fit in the diagnostic plan?

In this presentation, Dr. Stephen Waisglass will detail the current evidence-based approach to the pet with food or environmental allergies.

Join us to deepen your knowledge of dermatology and find out how to solve this most challenging diagnostic dilemma!


The obesity conversation: Tips for success


  • Caitlin Grant, BSc, DVM, DVSc Candidate (Dept. of Clinical Studies), ECVCN resident
  • Sarah Dodd, BVSc, MSc, DVM, PhD Candidate (Dept. of Population Medicine), ECVCN resident
  • Shoshana Verton-Shaw, RVT, VTS-Nutrition

During this presentation, we will discuss obesity prevention and weight-loss management, as well as the importance of therapeutic weight-loss diets.

We will also share communication skills that will enable veterinary professionals to:

  • obtain comprehensive diet histories;
  • generate buy-in from pet owners;
  • ensure that pet owners commit to a long-term weight management plan.

Join us to access these key strategies for successful prevention and weight-loss management.

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Derm on demand: Using telemedicine to manage patients with skin disease

FEATURING a panel of experts from the Canadian Academy of Veterinary Dermatology:

  • Kinga Gortel, DVM, MS, Dipl. ACVD
  • Elizabeth Goodale, DVM, Dipl. ACVD
  • Andrew Lowe, DVM, MS, Dipl. ACVD

What role does telemedicine play in your practice? Does this technology have its place in the management of patients with dermatological issues?

Now is your chance to get answers to these and other questions about the use of telemedicine in dermatology from a panel of veterinary specialists!

  • Find out why you should embrace telemedicine in your practice, if you haven’t done so already.
  • Discover how telemedicine is used in dermatology.
  • Learn from veterinary dermatologists’ early experiences with telemedicine and get the inside scoop.
CVMA’s telemedicine guidelines
AVMA listing of Connected Care Companies
Veterinary Telemedicine Community - Facebook group
Canadian Academy of Veterinary Dermatology

COVID-19 Strategies for charting your course forward

A panel discussion featuring US veterinary professionals who share their strategies on how to navigate through this era to provide positive outcomes for their patients, clients, team, and practice.

  • Maximizing each appointment
  • Leveraging the practice care team
  • Utilizing technology
  • Communicating with pet owners

The post-COVID practice

What will things look like? Where will you be vulnerable?


Practices and individuals will face a period of recovery and change emerging from the COVID-19 crisis and a number of decisions in both managing practices as well as protecting and optimizing their own financial planning and decisions. This presentation will address what metrics and key performance indicators (KPI) practices should be considering to plan strategy and personal financial planning considerations as well.


Telemedicine and effective communication

Engage with your clients, care for your patients and generate revenue during parasite control season and beyond

FEATURING: Hélène Perras, DVM, MBA

Despite the COVID-19 crisis, pets still need veterinary care and protection against parasites. The current situation challenges us to rethink how we reach out to pet parents and engage with them, in order to ensure our patients receive the care they need and to generate revenue for our clinic. Telemedicine, text and email messaging, as well as online forms and modes of payment, can facilitate client communication and processes at a time when clinics are understaffed and applying physical distancing measures.

Find out how telemedicine and effective communication can help you achieve these goals, and receive practical tips and advice, during this live webcast featuring Dr. Hélène Perras.


Don't wait! Don't hesitate!: The sequel

Assisted feeding of critically ill cats and dogs

FEATURING: Alexa Bersenas, DVM, MSc, Dipl. ACVECC and Jackie Parr, DVM, MSc, Dipl. ACVN

Dr. Alexa Bersenas and Dr. Jackie Parr are back by popular demand for a unique, live webcast-viewing Q&A event!

To get the “party” started, we’ll all get together online to watch (or re-watch, as the case may be!) the recording of the popular webcast on nutritional support that these engaging speakers presented last fall.

What is malnutrition? How common is it in cats and dogs? When, how and why should nutritional support be provided? When and how should you talk to clients about tube feeding?

Those are just a few of the questions our experts addressed in their original presentation. We know you have more, which is why we invite you to “bring them on!” and stay online after viewing the presentation for an extended, live Q&A session during which our guest speakers will respond to questions submitted by YOU and your colleagues.

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Suggested fluid requirements for dogs and cats
Suggested fluid requirements for puppies and kittens

Both sides of the coin: Part 4 - Toxocariasis (40 min.)

FEATURING: Daniel Joffe, DVM, Dipl. ABVP (Canine/Feline Specialty) and Mark Joffe, MD, FRCP(C)

Veterinary teams are responsible for looking after the health of animals, as well as educating pet parents about zoonotic risk. In this series of four short webcasts, Dr. Daniel Joffe and Dr. Mark Joffe, team up to explore zoonotic diseases from both a veterinary and a public health perspective, to help you better understand and address these important issues with pet parents.

This webcast is part of a series of four presentations eligible for continuing education credits. After watching ALL FOUR webcasts (Echinococcosis, Lyme disease, Leptospirosis and capnocytophaga, Toxocariasis - scroll down on this page to see the other webcasts), complete the CE questionnaire in order to receive your certificate of completion – which entitles you to 2.5 CE credits.

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